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Thanks to CarParts.com for sponsoring today’s episode. Click here bit.ly/carpartsdotcom1 to check out their massive inventory of car parts.
Rocket Bunny made widebody kits and over fenders one of the most popular trends in the history of cars. Kei Muira has combined multiple influences from japanese car culture to create a worldwide phenomenon. How did Rocket Bunny become one of the most popular body kit companies in the world?
A HUGE thanks to Dionne Mascunana for helping us with this video. We literally couldn’t have done it without him. He gave us a ton of footage, provided a bunch of really cool information and fun stories about Kei Muira, he even set up an interview with the man himself. He also has some really cool builds. To see more of his stuff follow his youtube channel OMG Miata and also Toyo Tires youtube.
OMGmiata: eefrom.info
Toyo Tires: eefrom.info
And another big thanks to Kenji at Greddy Performance for sitting down with us. They’re the US distributor of Rocket Bunny kits and accessories. Check them out at:
And of course thanks to Kei Muira for having such a cool story and doing such cool stuff. Check his kits out: pandemusa.com/
Thanks to Jun Takahashi at Hardcore Tokyo for sharing so much of his incredible underground drifting footage: eefrom.info
Thanks to Tommy Babiarz for coming in clutch with some great last minute footage of Kei:
Amazing animations by Raghav Arumugam Check out his stuff here.
We were so stoked that we were able to get Ryan Hailey to edit this video. He's a super hillarious dude and a ton of funny stuff he added got cut or moved for one reason or another. Here's a link to his channel: eefrom.info

And shouts to Jonny Grunewald for bringing his dope Rocket Bunny RX-8 by our shop to use for the UTS background! trmnl7

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1 apr 2021



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joshua anderson
joshua anderson 29 minutit tagasi
Please do an up to speed on the Ford falcon here is Australia
Fireball Tund tagasi
Do new Holland
Lance B
Lance B 2 tundi tagasi
Holyshit! James IZBACK!
EpicGamingTech 3 tundi tagasi
Crash Ban(dicoot)
Russell Williams
Russell Williams 3 tundi tagasi
Do the Chevy Corvair.
GameDragon96 3 tundi tagasi
You need to make an up to speed on the pontiac grand prix
The_PtZ 3 tundi tagasi
Some carmakers you could make episodes of: Panoz, Ginetta, Peugeot, Dallara, Citroen.
Leigh Welsh
Leigh Welsh 3 tundi tagasi
Do an up to speed on Ford Australia
Exeil 4 tundi tagasi
James should do an up to speed episode on Donut for the 5 year anniversary
Fee 4 tundi tagasi
Yes to bigger episodes
Kyle Hoffman
Kyle Hoffman 4 tundi tagasi
Do RTR next
shamilpower92 5 tundi tagasi
New james is thin af
Wisnu Hadi
Wisnu Hadi 12 tundi tagasi
Next About Jaguar Xj220, Nissan Pulsar , Honda Soldel MO POWA BABEH
TDMstevo 13 tundi tagasi
I came back for the herspers.
dolita windo
dolita windo 20 tundi tagasi
Lmfao "you told meemaw you'd take me to harry potter."
Malicious Intentions
Malicious Intentions 21 tund tagasi
Thers a video in your ads
Adrian Lawson
Adrian Lawson 21 tund tagasi
First off MO POWAH BABY...secondly you guys should do an episode on Allison transmissions ✌🏽
U G 22 tundi tagasi
Your other content fucken Sucks. Loved this tho❤
Jonas 22 tundi tagasi
Realizimg that Kei Miura, sounds like Chimera! Which is freaking SIIIIIICK!!!!
Antonio Maurer
Antonio Maurer 22 tundi tagasi
Make a up to speed about the Liberty Walk
KickazzStudios 22 tundi tagasi
Bro is that ryan from funhuas? is he ur editor :D
Chris Nolan
Chris Nolan 23 tundi tagasi
ACAY Päev tagasi
Donut needs an animated series
James Parker
James Parker Päev tagasi
so what's up this then state of Tennessee on the map of Japan @4:05?
I love the up to speed shows. It was the reason I subscribed to your channel. I hope you are planning on doing more of them.
1gramblam Päev tagasi
"Rocket bunnied - VERB" 😂
Seilethin Päev tagasi
Re: Amemiya next maybe?
TACOmonkey53 Päev tagasi
2:13 - 2:15 when you cuss under your breath and your mom hears you
Joey Villeneuve
Joey Villeneuve Päev tagasi
Did dude just say Tim's only got big when it got to the states? wat? lol
Ivan. Päev tagasi
This guy really makes the donut channel dear lord 😂😂💖
Don Fanto
Don Fanto Päev tagasi
Japanese people can make an art out of everything....even pocking a shit with a stick. But what he does it truly amazing!
Yuri Last
Yuri Last Päev tagasi
Amazing episode!!!!
Dustin D
Dustin D Päev tagasi
Yo the host got fit over Covid. Don't know his name but good job!
D H Päev tagasi
What! Over 2 million views, if only I had bought stock in this video when it was under a 100....
Carl Pfadt
Carl Pfadt Päev tagasi
When are we gonna see some sweet, sweet “horseporks” merch?!?!
Mid West
Mid West Päev tagasi
ISUZU "This is like the Best Day EVER!" The Most entertaining explanation EVER!
Pebkac124 Päev tagasi
4:04 i never knew that nuking japan involved us chucking an entire state on top of them. no wonder it takes so long to fly to Tennessee, its on top of hiroshima, did they drop illinois on nagasaki?
the masked warrior
the masked warrior 2 päeva tagasi
Yo donut do a vid on the Subaru brat and baja
Wajahat Ali
Wajahat Ali 2 päeva tagasi
Guys uve been missing on maserati pls do that
N o
N o 2 päeva tagasi
11:56 is that a kengan ashura reference?!?
Mauroghen 2 päeva tagasi
I love all body styles, takes love and care to assemble, screw anyone who snobs over "durr wide body is gonna die like the 2000's tuner style" and calls anything non-stock ricer.
Jihyorno Jihyovanna
Jihyorno Jihyovanna 2 päeva tagasi
4:25 is that araki rocking the red jacket????
Azhar Golamaully
Azhar Golamaully 2 päeva tagasi
Ah isuzu
Dominic Gregorio
Dominic Gregorio 2 päeva tagasi
what a great green bird on your shirt
Danny White _
Danny White _ 2 päeva tagasi
"up to speed is back" and the next weeks episode isn't up, cmon
Tommy17 2 päeva tagasi
loved the video. you are one of the best content creator.
Michael Kreitz
Michael Kreitz 2 päeva tagasi
Where is the car in the preview? #clickbait
Daniel Baxter
Daniel Baxter 2 päeva tagasi
2 weeks now since this video soooo back hmmmm doesnt seem like it to me
Volkspeed83 2 päeva tagasi
You Might have forgotten about Rieger
Rowan Britto
Rowan Britto 2 päeva tagasi
CHEST HOLE. Can't Unsee.
Andres Bonilla
Andres Bonilla 2 päeva tagasi
I hate April Fools.
Orewa madamada dane
Orewa madamada dane 2 päeva tagasi
Isuzu is underrated, they make the best reliable and fuel efficient vehicles, the engine is a workhouse (we have an isuzu LS, bought in 98 and still used for heavy cargo till now. They once had a 2 sport-ish car (not really sure if its a sports car) sadly the focused on making trucks, pickups and SUV. But their pickup (UTE) Which is isuzu Dmax is a beast.(3.0 litre, Turbo charged engine, it may not be fast in stock but it sure can pull a truck with its torque) In thailand their preferred drag car is the Dmax, slammed down UTE, remapped engines, tuned engines, big slick tires. Its the way of life in thailand.
Jonas WRLD 999
Jonas WRLD 999 2 päeva tagasi
Enjoyed the whole video!❤️
Mason Hadley
Mason Hadley 2 päeva tagasi
If the hells angels were.. Very, Very, VERY. Gay.
Mason Hadley
Mason Hadley 2 päeva tagasi
Jk they already are 💀
Joscka Enosh Verdina
Joscka Enosh Verdina 2 päeva tagasi
do an up to speed of Speed Hunters or other body kit companys
sheepdawg30 2 päeva tagasi
Isuzu is the funniest shit!
Ivan M
Ivan M 2 päeva tagasi
14:26 Spike when he turns 50
Austin Shirley
Austin Shirley 2 päeva tagasi
Do the Ford excursion
Kevin Bueno
Kevin Bueno 2 päeva tagasi
y’all should make a podcast
It'sDarensbourg 2 päeva tagasi
up to speed on midnight club
It'sDarensbourg 2 päeva tagasi
he should do an up to speed on top secret and smokey nagata
Jamie Watto
Jamie Watto 2 päeva tagasi
I love Donut Media, but only an American would say the rocket bunny front end kits for the S14 and Rx7 are based off of american muscle cars 😂 they are designed to resemble some old Datsun and Mazda Rx3
Jim Toots
Jim Toots 2 päeva tagasi
Awesome video really like this series
Carl Hansen
Carl Hansen 3 päeva tagasi
Man, that mini-van was DOPE!
Rainbow Squidward Sings
Rainbow Squidward Sings 3 päeva tagasi
Do rav4 or crv!
Diogo Pereira
Diogo Pereira 3 päeva tagasi
Y mitsu wasn't on that meeting??
Er 3 päeva tagasi
+1 for that Mazdaspeed RX-8 in his background
George Kenneway
George Kenneway 3 päeva tagasi
They’ve done an up to speed on the but not MG? Ngl bit confused there
John Dull
John Dull 3 päeva tagasi
I can’t help but feel this was 100% an April Fool’s Joke...
Nathan Joseph
Nathan Joseph 3 päeva tagasi
If they don't post a new episode by next year I will be unsubscribing
Topher Gerald
Topher Gerald 3 päeva tagasi
I think you guys should do a obs pickup video like the SoCal slammed pickup scene
STALIN 3 päeva tagasi
Up to speed on Blitz?
the Sun
the Sun 3 päeva tagasi
11:18 More power babe!!! Upd: timecode
Swiss Starline
Swiss Starline 3 päeva tagasi
Did you guys drop off one one episode and then leave?!?!?
Nathan Joseph
Nathan Joseph 3 päeva tagasi
Same, it's very frustrating!
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera 3 päeva tagasi
do an up to speed on Your dad
Roberto Cruz Quesada
Roberto Cruz Quesada 3 päeva tagasi
An Up To Speed on the Mazda 3 (and the model(s) that it replaced). *wink wink*
Matthew Gagliano
Matthew Gagliano 3 päeva tagasi
Can you please do one on Liberty Walk??
Graham Van Faasen
Graham Van Faasen 3 päeva tagasi
A Alfa Romeo Guilia is a legendary sedan in my opinion, it won best car of the year in motor trend magazine. And went head to head with a Bmw M3 and won in 2017 and 2018, so yeah that would be great.
Graham Van Faasen
Graham Van Faasen 3 päeva tagasi
do alfa romeo guilia
Bokhari Abdullah
Bokhari Abdullah 3 päeva tagasi
Everything is suv nowadays.. long live sports.. suv?
i Marty
i Marty 3 päeva tagasi
Moww Powaaa baew babeww!
Jay Byrne
Jay Byrne 3 päeva tagasi
James you gotta do an episode on genesis. Hyundai was sh*t for so long and started killing it with the genny coupe and now are rocking out some serious luxury cars. I’ve got a 2010 coupe 3.8 and the looks and love I get for the car I think it’s worth an episode!!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 päeva tagasi
Glad you're back James.
Midas 8
Midas 8 3 päeva tagasi
He looks like Takumi's father
Kodak Kev
Kodak Kev 3 päeva tagasi
Up to speed on Buell!!!
Lukasz Bat
Lukasz Bat 3 päeva tagasi
*CAN WE TRY SOMETHING UNUSUAL?* Up to speed on bulletproof and the last of very true Diesel - 1.9 TDI engine 😌 PLEASE LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!
Cap Lad
Cap Lad 3 päeva tagasi
hhheeeyy!!!!!!!! you changed the editor or some ? this vid feels diff
Trace Fetherman
Trace Fetherman 3 päeva tagasi
Wait... wait...... wait a second... im randomly watching this video.... and at 0:20 ... did i just see Ryan from Funhaus in his eyes? Does he edit for this channel? EDIT... ok, now im at 0:35... yep... its him.
Trace Fetherman
Trace Fetherman 3 päeva tagasi
@Ray Lopez hahaha stumbled across this and a random Ryan appeared
Ray Lopez
Ray Lopez 3 päeva tagasi
Was looking for another Funhaus fan in here lol
Wyvern 3 päeva tagasi
You put isuzu in there and not even subaru.... what the actual HRSPRS man?
Dresivf Nastie Nez
Dresivf Nastie Nez 3 päeva tagasi
🤯I'm mad😡 about the Jetta clumsy curl dismantled💥
Rodrick Lodowica
Rodrick Lodowica 3 päeva tagasi
Daniel Barry IV
Daniel Barry IV 3 päeva tagasi
VW Transporter Up To Speed
Yeeleng Thao
Yeeleng Thao 3 päeva tagasi
How do I contact him?
Yeeleng Thao
Yeeleng Thao 3 päeva tagasi
Moo powal baby!
Gianluca Fotia
Gianluca Fotia 3 päeva tagasi
Do a up to speed on a lykan hyper sport
Music4lyfe96 4 päeva tagasi
Do up to speed RAV4
Nitemare Gaming
Nitemare Gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Rock girl
Rock girl Päev tagasi
Having Ryan from funhaus in this just makes it even better
Rock girl
Rock girl Päev tagasi
Lmfao "you told meemaw you'd take me to harry potter."
Javi with the g35
Javi with the g35 4 päeva tagasi
He reminds me of Han lol
Hemi's Garage
Hemi's Garage 4 päeva tagasi
If Japan made the Dodge Challenger
Fernando Becerra
Fernando Becerra 4 päeva tagasi
Get up to speed with Keiichi Tsuchiya
Shark Park
Shark Park 4 päeva tagasi
Rocket bunny supras are sick
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