Is a Cat Delete Worth It? 

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For centuries humans have had an unanswered question: ARE TEST PIPES WORTH IT? Well today we’ll teach you how to make your own test pipe and then take it to the Dyno to see exactly how much of a power bump we get it! Let’s do some race car stuff bby.
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31 märts 2021



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Ian Perera
Ian Perera 5 tundi tagasi
Use eye protection Zach to keep that glint in your eye 100% natural.
Muhammad Aliff Ahmad
Muhammad Aliff Ahmad 6 tundi tagasi
This guy is a sleeper engineer
A D 6 tundi tagasi
K - for Knowing the material. And I - for ignoring basic PPE :)
Jeffrey Vaughn
Jeffrey Vaughn 13 tundi tagasi
I fuqin cant stand this clown.
Prince Amir
Prince Amir 18 tundi tagasi
As a welder he gave a pretty good breakdown of what welding is
doire aintu
doire aintu 19 tundi tagasi
DIYflamethrowers on IG and the same name for my website. I'm just a one-man business that makes them here in the USA, specifically Chicago.
Stewart Haddon
Stewart Haddon 23 tundi tagasi
Are the ads worth the wait...nope.
Glenn Chartrand
Glenn Chartrand Päev tagasi
Unless you are doing some major changes to the engine, there is no reason to delete the cat, because you can reach the limits of a stock turbo with just a tuner. And as he shows , the deleted cat interfered with the waste gate controlling the turbo at high rpm. So it's cheaper, better and easier to just take it to a tuner. The only time it makes sense is if your internal engine components can handle more power than the exhaust system can flow...at which point you are probably going to need an entire exhaust system anyway. And that's the real issue , if you build an engine to the point that you have to remove the cat, you probably need an all new exhaust system anyway.
Jagger Back
Jagger Back Päev tagasi
My cat saw the title of this video and now he seems upset with me ...
Lux Armiger
Lux Armiger Päev tagasi
What if you do this conversion on a naturally aspirated car? What would be the results in your opinion?
Janer Sulce
Janer Sulce Päev tagasi
Good to know once my cat get's stolen I'll get extra 5hp
GameRecordChillout Päev tagasi
Alex Mendez
Alex Mendez Päev tagasi
Donut needs an anime series
Gage Martin
Gage Martin Päev tagasi
If the weld has slag you drag, otherwise push your weld. Pushing your weld keeps the gas blowing forward, will save you from prosperity in your welds.
Kickin' Wing Hotboi
Kickin' Wing Hotboi Päev tagasi
Pushing is preferred but pulling is ok when there is no choice because sometimes you HAVE to pull. But pushing creates a stronger weld. Pulling can leave a little crater in the weld where the actual joints of materials are. A cut and etch test proves this
Samet ALTUNSOY Päev tagasi
After the sponsor video subtitles are freaked up. Please fix it. Thanks.
Glen Newell
Glen Newell Päev tagasi
heres a follow up.. how much to the emissions change between the two setups if the car is properly tuned?
Dirt Shart
Dirt Shart Päev tagasi
A late buddy of mine used to call taking off a cat and installing a testpipe. "The 5min, 5hp gain" do he was dang close if the hp gain lol
Walker Scherer
Walker Scherer Päev tagasi
Zach : great mechanic, okay welder.
aola wili
aola wili Päev tagasi
DIYflamethrowers on IG and the same name for my website. I'm just a one-man business that makes them here in the USA, specifically Chicago.
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo Päev tagasi
This video is dedicated to John Powell of Powell Race Shop in Port Perry Ontario who said that he has never seen a dyno sheet ever showing that a "catless" downpipe made more power than a "catted"downpipe. also to all his sheep followers who claimed he was god when many many people(who knew more) pointed out his BS
Josh Govier
Josh Govier 2 päeva tagasi
Are those rbf1s?
Switchellmobb 2 päeva tagasi
Next time you spend all this time and money on a car for our entertainment, make sure it's not a shitty Miata 🧡
Bender Beerman
Bender Beerman 2 päeva tagasi
When doing a show like this it’s always a good idea to put on all the welding PPE. Gloves and sleeves are always recommend when welding. It not only protects you from sparks and hot metal but also the light given off from the welding process will damage your skin to the point of possible skin cancer. Please put on PPE so people watching don’t pic up bad habits. P.s. love this show otherwise!
Bartosz Andrzejewski
Bartosz Andrzejewski 2 päeva tagasi
Ok guys - I NEED that intro track - what is it? Who did that? Anything!
Cody Wood
Cody Wood 2 päeva tagasi
I work at a parts warehouse and I love seeing parts we sell on money put. Like the pipes we got tons of thoughs exact brands sticker and all.
Kalder 2 päeva tagasi
Ah, Pony Power, the new Horse Power.
Mark Gunther
Mark Gunther 2 päeva tagasi
Love the mask wearing virtue signaling when working with no one within 50 feet in an open garage. Well done. You sir, are making a difference!
Hannu Hanhi
Hannu Hanhi 2 päeva tagasi
There were quite many cats wandering around our house. I deleted them with my rifle.
Lerma Fernandez
Lerma Fernandez 7 tundi tagasi
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brenden walker
brenden walker 2 päeva tagasi
So how did the rear window shatter? The defrost elements getting overloaded?
Kub 3 päeva tagasi
Did he measured the inner diameter of the exhaust manifold and the test pipe and making sure they have same inner diameter?
Janky Shack
Janky Shack 3 päeva tagasi
Leave the cat on, put an electric exhaust dump before the cat controlled by the boost controller. So when you mall crawling you don't have to deal with the smell, and you bypass the cat, muffler and 10' of pipe when its time to go.
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti 3 päeva tagasi
Is a CAT delete worth it? The Car Community: Yes! The environment: no. The EPA: Not at all my friend
The Ecstatic
The Ecstatic 3 päeva tagasi
You should've added a HighFlow Cat to compare with the test pipe and Cat
Сэр Ланланлан
TÜV sagt nein!
LocalsOnly . Jp
LocalsOnly . Jp 3 päeva tagasi
hudson 3 päeva tagasi
This is probably a dumb question but why is more boost bad?
chrispy Criter
chrispy Criter 3 päeva tagasi
I just drilled a hole through the honey cone with an old 5/16 long wood bit,it still passes inspection (by LOOKS)lol//I was told the cone was pluged so that fixed it
Dj Not Nice
Dj Not Nice 3 päeva tagasi
I’d be interested in seeing how a high flow cat compares to the test pipe and the stock cat.
MRJDSWAGGER 3 päeva tagasi
When you Weld please remember to cover your hands and arms So the rays won't make contact with your skin😁 a tip from my teacher
Eugene Swaztekkerz
Eugene Swaztekkerz 3 päeva tagasi
Dont like this guy
matthew L
matthew L 3 päeva tagasi
Slag=drag Flux-cored (FCAW) drag/pull torch in direction of weld Solid wire (GMAW) push torch in direction of weld
João Guilherme Bezerra Alves
5:58 somebody needs gloves lol
Josh Watton
Josh Watton 4 päeva tagasi
Cat removal on a K Series is by far the best way to free up power. However on other 2.0 NA engines I’ve had from other manufacturers (Renault), the Decat had a negative effect, due to the scavenging of the engine.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 4 päeva tagasi
“Yo I need to put the hose on my shoulder to not get caught on anything” immediately welds with hose on lap
0ttoman 4 päeva tagasi
If you're worried about boost creep. just port and increase the size of the waste port/flapper... Not a big deal
Broclam 4 päeva tagasi
But how did it SOUND?
Victoria Williams H
Victoria Williams H 4 päeva tagasi
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hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 4 päeva tagasi
I LOVE cardboard and sharpie note pad. Am I the only one?
Dick Mick
Dick Mick 4 päeva tagasi
Way more power =7hp! Frankly I would rather have clean air?
Mason Hall
Mason Hall 4 päeva tagasi
This is a legit learning video
Frank289100 4 päeva tagasi
Robert Peters
Robert Peters 4 päeva tagasi
took my cat off in my 85 monte carlo 305, and she sounds a little raspy but when I get some mufflers should sounds nice, also switch up to an x pipe soon.
Josefino Merced
Josefino Merced 5 päeva tagasi
yoofer121 5 päeva tagasi
My stupid ass looking at the title confused: "Why and how do you delete a frickin' cat?!"
ATF Ace.
ATF Ace. 5 päeva tagasi
How do you know you're friend's window broke because he didn't disconnect the battery?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 4 päeva tagasi
You guys live my dream life
Dar Win
Dar Win 5 päeva tagasi
I already know how to weld it’s pretty easy now but the only thing is tig is fucking hard but once you get the hang of it it’s easy also I’m surprised you don’t have a tan 😂😂😂😂😂 with that shirt what your secret
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 4 päeva tagasi
Would love to see the same thing but with a NA engine!!
Andy Godden
Andy Godden 5 päeva tagasi
Your mig gun cable should be kept as straight as possible to prevent bird nest. And you didn’t wear a jacket which is not good as mig welding produces several different lights, infrared, ultraviolet, and there’s another I can’t think of and it produces radiation, not wearing proper ppe is rather reckless.
TheSaxAppeal 5 päeva tagasi
Just put your cat back in before you need an emissions test 😂
miko foin
miko foin 5 päeva tagasi
Next on EPA's list for huge fine for stupidly removing his cat.
Marv 5 päeva tagasi
I want to delete my wife's cat. Not the catalytic converter in her car. I mean her pet.
miko foin
miko foin 5 päeva tagasi
Nice eye protection, should stress how important.
Mark Mcclendon
Mark Mcclendon 5 päeva tagasi
Why not a new high flow converter
Benja Mtz S
Benja Mtz S 5 päeva tagasi
5:38 the “machin” xd
Nicholas Thompson
Nicholas Thompson 6 päeva tagasi
I LOVE cardboard and sharpie note pad. Am I the only one?
Punkinhed 6 päeva tagasi
lol, Rhodium or ROADium!
frank w
frank w 6 päeva tagasi
It's always worth it, power, sound, crackle, all you need is a simulator to get around it
Peter Horvath
Peter Horvath 6 päeva tagasi
You’re in LB area which equals illegal, not worth it in my book. Plus think of the environment....just saying
Cody Groat
Cody Groat 6 päeva tagasi
Okay so I’m sorry to do this but it’s not a torch it’s a freaking whip know your facts
joshdrobny93 6 päeva tagasi
The biggest benefit of a cat delete is the reduced risk of it clogging and overheating the exhaust and cylinder with backed up heat
r 6 päeva tagasi
Paul rudd look alike
Outlaws drifters
Outlaws drifters 6 päeva tagasi
Would love to see the same thing but with a NA engine!!
Anthony Arroyo
Anthony Arroyo 6 päeva tagasi
You guys live my dream life
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 6 päeva tagasi
I can just imagine the EPA knocking on your door after you made this video
Deadsy Padilla
Deadsy Padilla 7 päeva tagasi
Nice eye protection, should stress how important.
alan connelly
alan connelly 7 päeva tagasi
Next on EPA's list for huge fine for stupidly removing his cat.
Life Saving Defense
Life Saving Defense 7 päeva tagasi
How old was the “stock”cat? Need a new cat to compare if it was used as old cats do have hairballs
67 7 päeva tagasi
Skip to14:40 if you can weld and are interested only in the results
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 6 päeva tagasi
I need a miata!!!
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 7 päeva tagasi
Romano Naidoo
Romano Naidoo 7 päeva tagasi
Zachary, please come home. We’re worried about you ever since you left with that “car from Japan” you kept going on about. Your mother and I miss you very much. Love, dad. P.S. Please do a video on high torque starters and if its worth it. The old Camry doesn’t turn over like it used to.
goalmaker88 7 päeva tagasi
That’s a ton of hp on a Miata
ice45k 7 päeva tagasi
Came her for a cat delete, got a math lesson and a bandsaw plus welding tutorial. ☝
Md Shovon
Md Shovon 9 tundi tagasi
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Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 2 päeva tagasi
‘Welding is a money pit’ Very true, but your welder does have a better HD display than my TV
Syazzy Slackster
Syazzy Slackster 7 päeva tagasi
Miata LSD next!
Branden Waltz
Branden Waltz 7 päeva tagasi
Breaks down every aspect of welding and proceeds to weld with no gloves. Awesome
Squibly Studios
Squibly Studios 7 päeva tagasi
Rob Althuizen
Rob Althuizen 7 päeva tagasi
Cancer exists so wear long sleeves when ur welding.
Kian Castillo
Kian Castillo 7 päeva tagasi
Body kits in Miata
Dimitrios F
Dimitrios F 7 päeva tagasi
Good to see I'm not the anyone that uses pieces of cardboard and a marker.
baloo21 7 päeva tagasi
It's just not worth deleting the cat in my opinion. Crazy why so many people do that on their daily driver.
RetroCNY 7 päeva tagasi
Ah, the good old test pipe. Something I've done on nearly every Honda I've ever owned, much to my neighbor's dismay. I eventually got smart and just did header back exhausts but before I had money, cat deletes with a ghetto ass test pipe rigged in it's place was the ticket baby. Who cares if it made more power, it sounded like it did and that's all that mattered to 19yr old me.
Leonard Krauss
Leonard Krauss 7 päeva tagasi
How the hell do leave hands bare in the beginning!,
B Gr
B Gr 7 päeva tagasi
I need a miata!!!
mistamontiel00 7 päeva tagasi
Musics please n grace yawl
mistamontiel00 7 päeva tagasi
miko foin
miko foin 7 päeva tagasi
Anyone else just think to themselves “Damn, his hair is fantastic” ?
R_B_ EDITR 3 tundi tagasi
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My man is the hypothetic highly unlikely to have existed son of a more likely fictitious than real god (jesus) of donut.
Maciej Sieradzan
Maciej Sieradzan 4 päeva tagasi
Yes xD
Eric Ernst
Eric Ernst 7 päeva tagasi
If you add a blow-off valve, you can blow off the excess pressure on the intake side. Cheaper than a new turbo.
Eric Ernst
Eric Ernst 7 päeva tagasi
0:36 "we got a welding machine."
Oscar TheGrouch
Oscar TheGrouch 7 päeva tagasi
13:22 --this explanation has rap meme written all over it. All the moves are moved.
Michael Nwankwo
Michael Nwankwo 8 tundi tagasi
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Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin 7 päeva tagasi
Grind the wastegate hole. This was always a common mod for Mitsubishi turbos with internal wastegates. The flapper is plenty big enough to cover a larger hole, but the wastegate hole itself wasn't big enough to bypass enough exhaust gas, hence it goes through the turbine itself, increasing your boost. Shouldn't take more than a couple hours or so to pull the turbine housing off and grind that sucker. I saw you were making about 235 and I guessed you'd make at least 250 with the cat bypass. Cat bypasses are no joke. If you're trying to make power at the track, a cat bypass is a no-brainer. PS- I love all of Zach's content. He's great, and he's taught me a lot. Dude knows what the hell he's doing!
miko foin
miko foin 7 päeva tagasi
You need a 2 post! Hate to see people with your level of talent still, roughing it, on the concrete!!! Lol
francis canavan
francis canavan 7 päeva tagasi
Cool vid!!! It’s hard to make an apples to apples comparison, Jew to mapping, but really, higher exhaust flow when tuned in gonna make more power. Love the Chanel 👌🏻👊🏻
Thunder Con
Thunder Con 8 päeva tagasi
I have a catted bbk xpipe on my mustang and I’m constantly messing with the tune and upstream 02 sensors. Regardless what you run I see a lot of young kids pulling cats off their cars and the fuel trims are off the wall getting 3mpg and running like dog poo pop
garrett johnson
garrett johnson 8 päeva tagasi
It’s still a Miata at the end of the day is 4 horsepower worth it? leave your cats on for emissions and smells.
Prignon Yves
Prignon Yves 8 päeva tagasi
For 5 hp just keep the cat, be legal don't pollute that much and be cool at your inspection ...
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